Sterling Heights Mayor Taylor and Council Get Big Bucks From Rizzo and Other City Vendors

“Between the Mitten fund and Rizzo PAC last year (2015), Sterling Heights Incum­bents received more than $71,000.”

See Detroit News Article to read the skinny – (See campaign finance reports-

Could this be the reason that they bid out the contract early and when Rizzo didn’t come in the low bidder they announced the low bid and then rebid the contract?

Sterling Heights Council is Gagging in More Ways Than One

See Why Mayor Taylor is being sued for violating the Open Meetings Act while
approving the mosque (Council meeting/ 2/22/17)
See Sterling Heights City Council insult, disrespect citizens and spend money
An Image and Sterling Heights City TV Video:

How Mayor Michael Taylor feels about citizens who want to speak at council meetings? Watch more on SHTV .

And how he feels about an appointee’s disgusting comments on Facebook:


Citizens right to speak at meetings has been cut from 7 to 4 minutes. See article from The Source Newspaper. Read more…

Another Taylor Facebook Quote Revisited

Mayor Taylor posted on Facebook April 6, 2013:

“I’m embarrassed by republicans (Agema, McCain, Graham) but democ­rats are no better (Pelosi, Obama). One day of campaigning in and I’m al­ready sick of the question. I’m neither a republican nor democrat.”

Related Quotes:

Steve Pikor “If you have any
brains, you’ll re-elect Taylor!”

Mayor Michael Taylor

“Steve­Thank you for the kind com­ment. However, I’m not trying
to alienate the brainless con­stituency and would appreciate their votes as well.”

Who is Michael Taylor?

See What Sterling Heights’ Tax and Spend City Council Thinks

People should be warehoused and crammed into an over developed community.

See what Sterling Heights is up to:

Infamous UN Agenda 21 Plan becomes The 2030 Agenda
Sterling Heights 2030 Visioning Plan

Allowing ‘One Macomb’ representatives to come in and indoctrinate city departments as well as citizen committees with the Welcoming America/Michigan propaganda is a good thing ‘One Macomb’ Link: Read more at One Macomb

Taxing the people for frivolous things such as a Civic Center will bring young people to the community and no one will move out even though our assessments are going up and bonding will cost more because our bond rating has been lowered.

Read More…