Hello Sterling Heights!

The Sterling Eye is a group of well informed people who have been watching what has been happening politically around the area for some years and decided it was time to start informing the voters just what is going on in their local communities and in Macomb County.


‘All politics is local’.  Tip O’Neal, Speaker of the House

Sterling Heights INFO:

Sterling Heights Appointed Mayor and City Council

Appointed Mayor:  Taylor, Michael C.
Appointed Mayor Pro Tem:  Skrzyniarz, Doug
Council Person:   Koski, Deanna
Council Person:  Romano, Joseph V.
Council Person:  Schmidt, Maria G.
Appointed Council Person:  Shannon, Nate
Council Person:  Ziarko, Barbara A.


Sterling Heights City Election

Council elections on November 3

  • Last day to register is October 5
  • Absentee ballot requests have been sent out
  • All seniors can vote absentee just by filling out the request form
  • All others may vote absentee if you fill out the request form and
    check the reason you can’t get to the poll on Nov. 3

You may: Go to the clerks office and ask to vote early

* AV Ballots are scheduled to go out sometime around the first week in October
* There will be a televised Sterling Heights council candidate debate sometime before the election.  Watch for it on the City Cable Channel

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