Michael Taylor a Republican or Democrat?


Michael Taylor on Facebook

Michael Taylor speaks out on Facebook regarding whether he is a Republican or a Democrat:

“While collecting signatures today I was asked if I’m a republican or democrat three times. Let’s see…I’m in favor of lower taxes and less spending, but support gay marriage. I support immigration reform leading to citizenship, but am against abortion. I don’t deny climate change, and I oppose creationism in public schools, but I also oppose affirmative action and strongly support gun rights. I oppose Obamacare, but support withdrawal of troops from overseas. I support right to work but think marijuana should be decriminalized. I oppose the death penalty and voter ID laws, but wish the sequester would have been bigger. I wish my social security account was private, but oppose corporate subsidies. I’m embarrassed by republicans (Agema, McCain, Graham) but democrats are no better (Pelosi, Obama). One day of campaigning in and I’m already sick of the question. I’m neither a republican nor democrat.”

According to the Macomb County Elections Dept. Mike Taylor was a
Republican Precinct Delegate in 2013.  He also ran for Precinct Delegate in 2014 and won.  See Below:

2014 Precinct Delegate List in a PDF

OR: Scroll down to bottom of page and click on Precinct Delegates
Then click on the Republican Precinct Delegate tab.
Scroll down to Sterling Heights Delegates and look for Precinct 6.
Precinct 6 is allowed 3 delegates and Taylor’s name is #3


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